Saturday, 08 June 2013

INU – With the sham election approaching in Iran, senior officials of the Iranian regime’s are more than ever expressing their fear of a downturn of their sham election.

Ahmad Khatami, a member of the regime’s Guardian Council, said on Friday: “The primary issue for the Islamic establishment is participation, and for the enemy the primary issue is lack of participation… a vote for any of the qualified candidates is actually a vote for the Islamic establishment”.

In order to set the stage for widespread cheating, he said: “God willing, you will create an epic and once again leave your enemies unhappy”.

This is while he had stated two days ago: “The surveys carried out a few days ago show that more than 70% of the people have announced that they will take part in the election and this number in the days ahead will rise to 80% and 90%” (Fars News Agency, 5 June 2013).

Alam al-Hoda, Ali Khamenei’s representative in the city of Mashhad and the Friday prayer leader of that city attempted to provoke the people’s religious sentiments to pull some sectors of the society to the ballot boxes.

He ridiculously said: “Anyone who doesn’t take part in the election will definitely go to hell… boycotting the election is like leaving Imam Hossein on the night of Ashura… it is those who have no virtue and no religion that don’t participate in the election” (Mehr News Agency, 7 June 2013).


IRGC Brigadier Mohammad Reza Naghdi, Commander of the Bassij Force said: “Coming to the ballot boxes means crushing the sanctions, when participation is at its highest level it is a flex of power that will ensure our national security” (Rasa State-run News Agency, 7 June 2013).

Mohammad Kazem Seddiqi, from Khamenei’s faction, had previously warned: “The main issue is the election issue, election is a reputation for us, it is like making destiny, the enemies are preparing for us. The key to their victory is to see that the people have weakened from before… the election this time around is more critical than before” (State-run Medias, 1 June 2013).