Thursday, 06 June 2013

INU – 

Ironworker Retirees Protest in Esfahan

a group of hundreds of retired Zob Ahan Ironworkers  gathered to march in protest on the street leading to Hosseinieh in front of the Zayandeh roud Terminal. According to one retiree, the gathering was against Zob Ahan-e Esfahani’s failure to pay salaries and pensions, as well as the low value of pensions and the lack of other benefits.

Ahmadinejad Felony!

According to a spokesperson for the regime Justice Department, by having accompanied Mashaei on the day of registration by presidential candidates, Ahmadinejad is considered to have committed an unlawful act and a felony. Consequently, a case has been built against him and is now being processed by the regime Justice Department.

Cell Phone Cameras Banned in Polling Places

The chairman of the regime Supervisory Board of Elections in Fars Province announced a ban on all cell phones with cameras in voting locations throughout the province. The ban applies to all voters, as well as to election staff.

Extreme Decrease of Internet Speed in Tehran

With the day of the presidential election approaching, internet speed in Tehran is extremely slow, and toward the end of each day there is no service at all. According to one privately owned internet service provider, “The issue of internet speed is not under our control. The decrease of bandwidth is caused by the Iranian Department of Communications.”