According to a June 27 report on the Tasnim News Agency, affiliated to the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force, at least four clothing related businesses in Isfahan, central Iran, have been closed recently.

Ebrahim Khatabakhsh, the head of the clothes manufacturers’ union in Isfahan, said: “Clothes production and distribution lines in Isfahan that do not conform to the standards of the Islamic Republic of Iran are being dealt with.”

He added: “Some of these production units have been ordered to adapt their clothing with Iranian-Islamic culture and standards. There are less smuggled foreign clothes being seen in Isfahan these days.”

He warns that the regime’s so-called “morality police” will continue sting operations in the city until all areas have been inspected.

This is just one recent example of Iran’s repressive measures against women.

On Tuesday, July 26, a group of women were arrested for publically riding bicycles in Marivan, in Iran’s Kurdistan Province.

The women were planning to cycle from the city’s Stadium Square to the Zaribar Lake, but were informed by the suppressive security forces that a new law bans women from cycling by in public places. The group were forced to sign written pledges stating that they would not violate the law again.


Several of the women protested this misogynist law and were arrested.