A group of students at Khajeh Nasir University in Tehran gathered on Saturday, October 1, holding a demonstration and staging a hunger strike on campus to protest poor conditions in the  dormitories, unjust fees, and the rising price and low quality of food.  Saturday’s protest follows on the heels of a previous one. and the students continued their hunger strike, and chanted slogans such as We do not pay extortion money.” 

Also on Saturday, students of Amir Kabir University in Tehran staged a demonstration in the university’s conference hall. They protested against educational problems during speeches while the university President was present.  

Saturday additionally saw a group of students in Bou Ali University in Hamedan, stage a gathering inside the central building of the university. They protested against the performance of Golestan system, which has not resolved any problems regarding the students’ desired Internet service. 

“It should be noted that none of the government agents in the Educational Assistance Department were responsive to the students,” writes the NCRI.  

A group of Tehran’s Oil Industry University students staged a gathering outside the Oil Ministry building in Tehran on Saturday, as well. They protested the lack of attention by the regime’s authorities to the employment quota in the Oil Ministry, and called for the issue to be addressed and settled.