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Kuwait Speaks out About Iran

By INU Staff

INU - Kuwait’s Foreign Office has spoken out against the Iranian Regime’s interference in the domestic affairs of other Middle Eastern states and support for terrorism, calling it a menace to regional stability and security.

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Iran Using Commercial Airlines for Military Purposes, in Violation of International Law

by Jazeh Miller

Using commercial airliners s to transfer weapons and illegal materials is prohibited under international law, yet photographic evidence proves Iran does so, in violation of the nuclear deal.

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Iran's Role in 9/11 Attacks

by Poorang Novak 

Sixteen years ago, more than three thousand people died in the largest mass casualty terrorist attack in the history of the United States. Since 11th September 2001, huge changes were made.

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Iranian-Backed Spy Ring Trained by IRGC on Trial in Saudi Arabia

By INU Staff

INU - On Monday, the Saudi daily, Okaz, reported that members of an Iranian-backed spy ring who are currently on trial in Saudi Arabia received their training at military sites of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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Gulf Arab States Urged to Unite Against Iran by US

By INU Staff

INU - According to a White House spokesperson, on September 8th, U.S. President Donald Trump urged Saudi Arabia and other Arab states to resolve their differences with Qatar and present a united front against Iran.

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Iran's Plans Need to Be Recognised and Thwarted

by-Jazeh Miller

It is very clear that Iran plans to dominate the Middle East – this is its long-term goal and the reason why it is interfering in so many countries. However, some experts believe that the Iranian regime is also targeting Makkah and Madinah.

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Protest and Clashes Erupts Over killing of Porters by IRGC Iranian security forces

Suicide increasing in northern Iran

"Onward With the Iranian Resistance, Regime Change Within Reach"

Iran Regime's Security Force, Ruthlessly Murdered a Young Athlete

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The Rise of the Revolutionary Guards' Financial Empire


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