He wrote: “What is going on in Syria? Why the Syrian people should have such a fate? What’s the good of the widespread killing, displacement, and homelessness of the Syrian people?”

He said that the Russia-Iran alliance in support of Assad is likely to change the Syrian view on those countries, he asked what benefits could possibly come from Iran’s involvement in Syria before finally asking how easy it would be for Iran to withdraw from the “Syrian vortex”.

He states that there is no simple answer but there is an answer and it must be sought.

Also, with regard to Iran’s involvement in the Syrian crisis, the son of a high-ranking cleric has criticised the Iranian Regime for allowing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the terrorist Quds Force to hold so much power with Iran, and for its involvement in the suppression of the Syrian people.

Mehdi Khazali, the son of Abolqassem Khazali, a former official of the regime, said: “All of our policies are at the stake and hostage of Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”

 The speech, published online and available via social media, highlight the IRGC’s intentional suppression of the Syrian people, effectively making the Syrian people view Iran as an enemy.

He stated: “We have the worst situation in Syria and deep hatred is created (against Iranian regime).”

The IRGC reacted by disparaging Khazali but that doesn’t change the validity of his statements. 

Khazali has previously linked the IRGC with the rise of ISIS in the middle east.