During the Iran-Iraq war, Mohammad Ja’fari Sahrarudi was one of the IRGC commanders whose team is said to have assassinated Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Dr. Abdul Rahman Qassemlou and two of his companions. It was ironic that this event occurred on July 13th 1989, during talks regarding Kurdish rights in Austria ‘s capital, Vienna. Sahrarudi was wounded and arrested at the scene of assassination, but he and two others were returned to Iran five months later, through a deal with by Austrian government. An international arrest warrant was issued for these individuals, for participating in a terrorist operation.

He was then appointed as the commander of the IRGC’s Ramadan headquarters, which is the main headquarters of the IRGC’s 1st Corps, affiliated with the notorious Quds Force. The Ramadan headquarters are located in Tehran.

Sahrarudi played a major role in suppressing student protests in July 1999 in Tehran, and served as the deputy of Ali Larijani, then Secretary-General of Supreme National Security Council, during former president Ahmadinejad’s tenure.

US troops attacked the Iranian Consulate in Erbil, in January 2006 intending to arrest Sahrarudi, but he escaped and returned to Iran. Four months later, he traveled once again to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, as a member of the Iranian regime’s negotiating team on Iraq. The two-day conference, held to discuss the necessary mechanisms for the stability and security of Iraq, in cooperation with neighboring countries and member states of the Security Council. U.S. Secretary of State, at that time, Condoleezza Rice sat down at the negotiating table with the Iranian regime’s then foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, and Sahrarudi.

After Ali Larijani became speaker of parliament, Saharaudi was appointed as the head of his office, despite the existence of an international prosecution order for him. Sahrarudi continues to travel abroad, and recently attended the International Security Conference in Munich, Germany. He also participated, along with Ali Larijani, in the Geneva talks between the Iranian regime and the five countries on Iran’s nuclear deal in 2013.