as admitted by Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif and the regime’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hamid Baeidinejad.

Zarif and Baeidinejad recently said that the threatening tactics around the MEK residence in Albania and the smear campaigns by Channel 4 and Al-Jazeera English were “ordered” by the mullahs’ regime.

On September 16, Zarif called on social media sites to remove the accounts of MEK supporters, a likely reference to the Al-Jazeera programme.

Just an hour later, Baeidinejad said: “Shortly after Dr. Zarif referred to the bitter reality of the existence of a massive network of fake tweet production and replication, the UK’s Channel 4 and Al-Jazeera broadcasted documentary programs that revealed the hidden face of this bitter reality.”

He then claimed that the MEK “produces millions of messages in the form of hashtags calling for the overthrow [of the regime] using the most advanced information technologies every day” and urged Twitter to “act upon the official request of Dr. Zarif to close the fraudulent accounts that sent hashtags calling for an overthrow against Iran”.

It is worth noting that the Iranian Regime already denies access to a free and fair internet to its 80 million citizens, so this act of requesting that MEK supporters around the world also be denied internet accounts shows how scared the regime is.

This is further proof that the lies broadcast in these programmes were just the mullahs’ vengeful repetition of their previously debunked claims against the MEK.

These anti-MEK claims were merely designed to divert attention from the cyber crimes of the Iranian Regime that were recently uncovered by cyber security firms and led to the removal of hundreds of Iran Regime-linked social media accounts that formed part of an “apparent Iranian influence operation targeting internet users worldwide [that] is significantly bigger than previously identified”.

In a similar vein, back in 2002-3, right after the MEK had revealed the Iranian Regime’s nuclear weapons programme to the West, the Regime hired mercenaries to claim that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction – which, as time has shown, did not exist – were hidden inside the MEK headquarters in Iraq. It’s a matter of diverting attention from the real crimes of the Regime.

The programmes
Channel 4 secretly filmed the MEK residence in Albania and sent the footage to the regime’s intelligence agents in early September, before broadcasting the programme, which claimed that the MEK was engaged in online propaganda.

On September 16, Al-Jazeera English, with the help of known regime agents claimed that the MEK had changed the views of major media organizations through hashtags calling for regime change, but claimed that the MEK had no support in Iran, which is not true.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee said in a statement: “Despite the dirty tricks of ministers, ambassadors, agents and mercenaries of the clerical regime, every day further dimensions of the Iranian regime’s internet terrorism are exposed.

Yesterday, the cyber security firm FireEye announced that a hacker group linked to government institutions in Iran had launched massive attacks against Middle Eastern oil companies and other targets as oil sanctions loom.”