IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohsen Kazemeini, the commander of Tehran’s IRGC also acknowledged the direct role played by the Iranian regime in the formation of suppressive a paramilitary forces in Syria fighting for Bashar al-Assad.

He said that the Iranian regime has played a fundamental role in “the formation of a Basij group called Jaish al-Watan” and “Syria, Brig. Gen. Hamedani was able to do the work in formation of this force”.

Speaking to the Basij Force veterans on October 2, Kazemeini warned that they should not be “taken off guard” as a result of the threat by the Iranian opposition.

“The current developments in our region are historically extraordinary and we therefore need to study and review them”, said Brigadier General Mohsen Kazemeini.

He referred to the threat the Iranian regime is facing from Iranian opposition and said that “these groups have existed since the onset of the [anti-monarchial] revolution to this day dealing blows to the Islamic Republic and have always been present in their full capacity”.

Kazemeini warned: “This is important; we must pay attention to it; and we should not be taken off guard.”

He described the current developments in the region and the formation of an international coalition against ISIS as an “unprecedented development in history.”

“Iraq and Syria are the frontlines of Iran’s defense and we should not overlook them and ignore developments in these countries”, he said adding the United States does not want the Iranian regime to “play a central role in the Middle East region”.