The reports from inside Iran identify the names and particulars of the people assassinated in the past few days as follows: 

-On Sunday, March 30, Abdollah Baji Zehi, a Sunni scholar cleric, was attacked as he left the mosque in Shirabad district of Zahedan. The attackers shot him four times in the head and he was immediately killed.

-On Sunday, March 30, Mr. Shahou Zehi, 34, was killed as he was targeted by a machine gun. On this same day, another individual by the same name, i.e. Shahou Zehi, 40, was assassinated in Jam-e Jam Street of Zahedan.

-On Tuesday, April 1, around 3 pm, Mr. Khadad Narouei, 60, a trusted citizen of Bezman Town of Iranshahr Township was killed by machine gun fire in this province.

-On Monday, March 31, Mr. Morad Kahra Zehi, 45, was hit by eight bullets in Zahedan and was severely wounded. He is currently in Khatam hospital of Zahedan in a state of coma.

According to the eyewitness accounts, the killings in this province are being carried out by assassination teams from the intelligence ministry and the revolutionary guards’ intelligence. They are conducting these assassinations to create an atmosphere of terror and fright in the cities of this province to prevent an uprising by its people. 

Concerning this matter, Ramazan Sharif, the public liaison for the revolutionary guards, stated on March 29: “Given the special sensitivity of this province and as decided by the National Supreme Council, 300 kilometers of Saravan border in this province has been tasked directly to the revolutionary guards’ Quds Base to impose durable security. This decision was made following the incidents on the border of this province.” (Tabnak website)

Concurrently, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC, has announced that 120 watch towers are going to be built in this province for added control.