The UAE armed forces and the rest of the Arab Coalition to liberate Yemen from the Houthis found a whole host of Iranian-made weapon and missiles, including drones, landmines, marine mines, anti-tank guided missiles, sniper rifles and improvised explosive devices, which have been used by the Houthis to kill and injure innocent civilians, including children.

Over 5,000 have died and thousands more have been injured in the civil war that was prolonged by Iran.

Gulf News wrote: “Although Iran’s Revolutionary Guards repeatedly denied supplying the missiles to the Yemeni rebels, it is common knowledge that Al Houthis do not have the capability to produce such sophisticated projectiles. Iranian weaponry has sowed instability in the region, driven by Tehran’s ambitions to spread its influence through proxies: Hezbollah in Lebanon, armed groups in Syria, Iraq and Bahrain, besides Al Houthis in Yemen. Since the Iranians have repeatedly used the Hodeidah port to supply weapons to Al Houthis, it is important to liberate the Red Sea city from the militants who have controlled it since 2014.”

Thankfully, the mission to retake Hodeidah is going well. The US-backed Arab Coalition has secured the airport already and now they just have to take control of the coastal city to stop supplies reaching Iran’s proxy.

Once Iran and its militias are evicted from Yemen, the country will once again be at peace, but, as already noted, the Iranian Regime is also involved in many conflicts across the Middle East. They must be expelled from all of them in order to bring peace to the region.

But more than that, the Iranian Regime should be removed from power in Iran, as is the wish of the Iranian people. The Iranian people have been taking part in an anti-regime uprising since December and have proudly stated that they wish the mullahs to be overthrown.

This will be the major topic of discussion at the Free Iran gathering in Paris on June 30, which will be attended by over 100,000 activists, politicians, and members of the Iranian diaspora, and all those who want to see peace and stability in the Middle East should attend.