First, it must be remembered that the Maliki government is obscenely corrupt and is by no means the result of a fair and democratic elections. Furthermore, Maliki personally concentrates immense power monopolizing the defence and security, and behaves in practical terms like a dictator with no respect for the political and religious pluralism and human rights, which has seriously stirred up the majority of the population in the rebellious areas who are from the Sunni faith.

Moreover, the current government of Iraq without making it any secret acts as a puppet of the theocratic regime in Iran and fiercely persecutes members of the Iranian democratic opposition residing at Camp Liberty, who are denied supplies, medical care and protection against the deadly attacks that Maliki’s own troops has inflicted on them under his instructions.

In fact, the rebels that have taken some major cities, including Mosul, and already control a significant part of the Iraqi territory, consist mainly of local Sunni tribes who are tired of Maliki’s abuses and violations. Of course, groups from the ISIS taking advantage of the confusion created, have infiltrated it but are by no means the main actors nor the leaders of the protest movement.

 Although the Iraqi government tries to confuse the European powers and the United States of the true nature of the revolt, there are numerous witnesses on the ground that reveal the falsity of the official version of the events. News reports indicate that Maliki is preparing his escape and armoured trucks have transported billions of dollars from Iraq’s Central Bank in Baghdad Green Zone for transfer in all probability to Tehran.

The rotten regime of Maliki protected by Iranian ayatollahs is coming to an end and is leaving behind a country plagued by violence and chaos. The way out of this disaster, which once again highlights the huge mistake of the invasion by George W. Bush, is the formation of a concentrated transitional government which is democratic and non-sectarian, brings order, prepares an elections which is supervised by neutral observers and immediately puts an end to Iran’s interferences. Attempts to keep Maliki in power will be a new mistake by Washington, and will only help prolonging the agony of a people exhausted by suffering and will make the final solution even more costly.



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