In reference to the ongoing uprising and protests, he said, “We surpassed a very adventurous year,” and added, “Our enemies had plans for the Iranian people.”

“The people… showed a strong response in the political and economic perspectives,” he said further. He claimed that the February 11th gathering displayed the regime’s popularity. In truth, the rally, which marked the regime 40th anniversary, was widely boycotted by the Iranian people.

“Economically, we have many issues,” Khamenei said. The value of the national currency must be lowered. People’s purchasing power must be higher. Difficulties involving factories and unemployment are among the huge issues and economic dilemmas facing his regime.

“I have studied these issues and listened to the experts. The key to all these issues is developing our national production,” he said.

“We named last year, 1397, as the year of ‘supporting Iranian products.’ I can’t say this motto was completely implemented. However, I can say that this slogan was acknowledged at a wide scale,” Khamenei claimed. He had previously announced that this Iranian calendar year, 1398, is to be the year of “Production Growth.” Khamenei said the Islamic Republic has successfully resisted the sanctions and called on the government to boost national production to face enemy pressures.

“If production is launched as it should, it can solve both our poor living standards and provide what we are in need of from foreigners, including countries that are our enemies. It can also resolve our unemployment and national currency issues to a significant extent,” Khamenei added.

In a pre-recorded speech broadcast on state television he said, “In the face of severe, and according to them unprecedented, sanctions from America and Europe, the Iranian people showed a strong and powerful reaction both in the field of politics and economy.”

With remarks such as these, the regime’s leader still cannot deny his deep concerns for the new year. In December, he had already warned that the enemy’s plans for Iran’s economy would be implemented during in 2019.