The NCRI provide the following breakdown of allocation of funds of around 85899 billion tomans (21 billion and 475 million dollars): 

-the Ministry of Defence (and its affiliated institutions): 22999.9 billion tomans (5 billion & 750 million dollars)

-the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basij Force: 24546 billion tomans (6 billion & 136 million dollars)

-the Joint Staff of Iranian Army: 7852 billion tomans (1 billion & 963 million dollars)

-the General Command of Armed Forces of Iran: 3121 billion tomans (750 million & 250000 dollars)

-the intelligence and security affairs of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security Force: 11501 billion tomans (2 billion & 850 million & 25000 dollars)

-the export of terrorism that a large budget was allocated to: 4924.9 billion tomans (1 billion & 321 million & 25000 dollars) 

-the foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs (affiliated with IRGC): 10840.6 billion tomans (2 billion & 710 million dollars)

These amounts represent nearly one quarter of next year’s public budget. The biggest planned increase (around 55 percent) is for the IRGC.

During his presidency, Hassan Rouhani has been progressively increasing the military budget. In 2014, 32,527 billion tomans was allocated to the military. This increased to 42057 in 2015, 50790 in 2016 and now 55527 in 2017.

The increase in spending is clearly linked to the Iranian regime’s meddling in other countries in the region. Especially in the Syrian civil war.