However, two months ago, Khamenei described demonstrators as “rioters,” and bluntly announced that the protesters should be killed, and no one has the right to support them. “[Every] wise and appropriate person, who loves his suitable life, shouldn’t support rioters,” Khamenei’s official website published on November 17.

The reality is Iran’s highest official only recognizes his supporters and advocates as the Iranian people. In Khamenei’s view, everyone should accept the absolute authority of the supreme leader and succumb to his order to be identified as Iranian.

The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) along with its many branches like Basij, Quds Force, etc. must believe in the leadership of the Islamic Republic as God in a human shell. They call him “Imam” to prove that they have been absorbed in him and are ready to do whatever he orders to satisfy him!

Khamenei expects his supporters to portray 31 years of corruption and plunder under his direct supervision as a “symbol of development and progression.” The spiritual leader of the regime ordered his thugs to keep him in power at all costs.

He also let them abuse the entire national resources and even the people’s properties to keep them loyal to him. In this context, they collected billions of dollars in foreign banks even banks in “the great Satan” territory. They advise and terrify the ordinary people from “Hell,” while they constructed the absolute hell on the earth.

Additionally, they send their children to the United States, Canada, European states, etc. for “education,” while millions of Iranian students are compelled to either educate in worn-out tents or leave education forever due to economic problems. Simultaneously, they grumble about the U.S. sanctions when their children are wasting the national wealth there.

Khamenei advocates breaching the entire human principles by employing medieval sentences against guilty teenagers and minors who have grown under his rule. Khamenei’s law-enforcement agents cut hands and feet, gouge eyes, stone and hang the people in public, plunder the wealth of low-income people by hollow promises, impound dissidents’ properties, etc. and claim that they are implementing the religious edicts.

The domination of their crime hasn’t been limited inside Iran alone. Thanks to the “export of revolution” the IRGC sprayed seeds of misery and corruption across the Middle East. As many peoples in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, etc. flooded into streets to bring down the Iranian regime-dominated vassals in these countries.

The reality is Khamenei deeply believes and promotes that everyone in Iran should succumb to his expectations or they don’t have any rights. Of course, they have two options, whether depart the country or be imprisoned, tortured, and hanged. For instance, last November, when the outraged people raised their voice to protests the gas price hikes, he immediately emerged in the state-run TV and ordered security forces to murder demonstrators—who didn’t love a “suitable” life under tyranny.

Khamenei’s thugs killed at least 1,500 people and detained more than 12,000 to restore the rule of repression in society. However, in January, the people returned to streets with more vehement slogans against Khamenei as the commander-in-chief and the IRGC, particularly the slain commander of Quds Force Qassem Soleimani.