The Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, who joined a video conference with the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on 23 August,

on the occasion of Government Week, made such a ridiculous lie that eared him the title of “the king of lies” because he crossed all the borders of insolence, and lied to 80 million people in such a way that even his government members do not dare to express such lies.

The ‘government of 1000 promises’ – this is the new description of the regime’s government that the state-run outlets are giving to their own government. On 23 August in the video conference which was held by Khamenei, while being completely hopeless, asked that this government in its last year of management should use this opportunity and fulfill some of its promises given in the last seven years to the people, while he self knows very well that his government is not the main problem, rather himself.

The state-run daily Hamdeli listed the government’s lies as follows:

  • In the first months of the ‘prudence and hope’ government, obstacles to production are removed.
  • We must act on the policies announced by Khamenei, not just chant slogans.
  • My motto is “Save Iran’s economy”.
  • My economic plan is to solve the employment problem, especially for the educated.
  • Correction of the administrative system is also one of the priorities, and corruption is prevented by reforming the administrative system.
  • The basis of my economic program is based on the two axes of “national wealth production” and “equitable distribution of wealth”.
  • With the implementation of programs in the field of economics, inflation will be curbed step by step and we will see economic development.
  • We have 3,200,000 unemployed, and if only 10 million tourists enter the country, more than $13 billion in foreign exchange earnings and four million jobs will be created.
  • We can create economic development in the country in a short time of 100 days.
  • The government of ‘prudence and hope’ seeks to fill the people with such income that they do not need a subsidy of 45,000 Tomans at all.
  • The government will not allow the value of the national currency to fall by one-third within six months.
  • We see that the dollar rises several times in price after a few months, where is the problem? The problem is lack of consultation, narcissism, lack of use of scientific tools to run the country, and instability. We use expert forces!

While counting Rouhani’s baseless promises, Hamdeli daily added:

“According to a survey, Hassan Rouhani made about 410 economic promises, 330 social and cultural promises, 250 political promises, 55 sports promises, and 30 media promises to the people during the presidential elections of 2013 and 2017 and during his statements in the last seven years. In total it has reached more than 1000 promises.”

The daily asked Rouhani to respond to these promises.

“Now, in the last year of the government, the head of the government of a thousand promises must take enough time to answer. Of course, the people’s feelings about Hassan Rouhani and the current economic and social situation indicate what the fate of these promises and Rouhani’s policy has been for the country and the people.

“However, the president must be held accountable and spend part of this long time, using to give promises, explaining why these promises have or not have been fulfilled. It is time to hold Rouhani accountable. A claim that will take more than a year.”

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