With the spread of the coronavirus, Iran’s regime brought death and darkness for the people in the hope to suppress their fury against it. But despite its imagination an inverse reaction it is now facing the fierce reaction and angry of the people.

And in the search for the culprit and the decision-maker who has bred this situation, state media in different expressions are pointing to the regime’s supreme leader.

By speaking about the “accountable”, “government officials” and “bosses”, these media all indirectly point to the supreme leader. One blames “ideological views” for the expansion of coronavirus, one “officials’ betrayal to words”, one “officials’ view of domestic and foreign policies” and one “lies” to the people.

But at least all of them are attacking indirectly the supreme leader Ali Khamenei. This is a confession about the uncontrollable situation.

On August 15, 2021, the state-run Sharq newspaper wrote the following about the priorities and views of the regime towards the coronavirus, which has caused such a situation, according to the “Letter of 357 University Professors to Government Officials”:

“Accept the priority of public health over political and economic considerations. / In dealing with this disease, avoid unscientific, ideological, and political views.”

Playing with words away from their true meanings they have committed the greatest betrayal to the Iranian people. From Ruhollah Khomeini to Ali Khamenei this is a policy of hypocrisy and demagoguery. Now the situation is so bad that its media is pushed to attack it.

“Our officials betrayed them by playing with words and stripped them of their original meaning. Today, with the help of cyberspace and awareness of the situation in the country, people know that when a person uses all kinds of immorality and lies to quell the lust for power and fame to reach high positions, the word “serving the people” has no meaning other than deception and hypocrisy.

Officials know that if they create hundreds of new words and terms every day, they can no longer gain the trust and legitimacy of the people.” (State-run daily Mostaghel, August 14, 2021)

Another example of this mumbling of meaningless words is their astronomical lies about the production of the coronavirus vaccine. Arman government newspaper on August 15, 2021, wrote:

“Mr. Mokhber, the Chief Executive Officer of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order (EIKO), has made different statements at various times regarding the production of vaccines:

  • Mass production facilities have been provided and within the next two to two and a half months we will no longer have to worry about mass production (March 9, 2021).
  • By September, production will reach 30 million doses (May 11, 2021).
  • The cumulative production of this vaccine will be more than 50 million doses by the end of September (June 16, 2021).
  • Mokhber in the position of First Vice President: ‘We issued an order to import 20 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine by the end of September. (August 12, 2021)

As before said the aggressiveness of the coronavirus pushed many officials and media to attack this policy while understanding that the virus will not make any exception and all of them are in danger too. Once they exposed the lies of the regime’s vice president and on the side, they are exposing the lies about the import of the coronavirus.

“Officials have repeatedly lied that those domestic vaccines will be mass-produced by the end of February or the end of spring and will even export surplus domestic vaccines abroad.

In one case, the Red Crescent returned 150,000 doses of vaccine donated by Iranians abroad from the airport. Authorities prevented the entry of about 23 million doses of vaccine into the country by the end of March.” (State-run daily August 14, 2021)

Such events have become a habit for the regime, which is addicted to brewing crises, one of them being the coronavirus, which originated from the ‘way officials look at domestic and foreign policies.’

“As long as the attitude of officials towards domestic and foreign policies turns on the same heel; Undoubtedly, from the day after the end of the coronavirus, whenever it is over, another tragedy will be created for the people.” (Hamdeli, August 15, 2021)