Because of psychological and physical pressures in the prison to recant his beliefs and reciprocally his steadfastness, his physical condition badly deteriorated such that he became half paralyzed and only when he got to this point did the clerical regime release him from prison after a substantial bail.

From the time he got sick in prison until his release took two months and only when the forensic medicine confirmed his illness and the fact that he cannot be cured, did the judge of his file Rashidi in the 3rd branch of Shiraz Court agreed to release him on a temporary basis.

Despite attempts by his friends and family and the work of physicians Kayvan Masoumi passed away on Saturday, March 29, because of a brain stroke. He was 37 when he died. 

Refusing medical care to prisoners even when the prisoner is in dire condition is rampant in the religious dictatorship of the mullahs. As an example, March 28 was the third anniversary of the death of Mohsen Dogmechi, one of the most renowned political prisoners that despite having cancer and dire physical condition was deprived of all medical care. Tehran’s prosecutor Jafari Dolatabadi had told his family: “It is not that all of you should be executed. Some of you should be killed liked this.” With this logic they deprived him of all medical treatment and he passed away after suffering six months of agonizing pain in the prison.