This British wife and mother collapsed while still waiting for vital medical treatment on her neck. Several of her neck vertebrae are out of place, damage caused by months of having no bed, poor exercise and stress. Despite recommendations of specialists she has not been admitted to hospital from the country’s notorious Evin Prison for treatment.

Her family have been pressuring officials in an attempt to have her to receive the vital treatment she requires.

Her husband, Richard Ratcliffe, told that her neck and back problems have worsened over the last few months. “Without urgent treatment Nazanin runs the risk of permanent impairment,” he wrote, adding, “This week she collapsed again. She had been complaining of nausea and headaches, of an increasing inability to do anything apart from lie down. It seems due also to psychological strains. Nazanin reports increasing unexplained panics, suffering severe insomnia at night – waves of worries in the quietest hours, magnifying the alone. During the day suddenly unable to get calm, feeling inescapable pressures. Feeling the interrogators’ presence, even where they are not. That drip feed of cruelties does not magically drain away.”

Nazanin and Richard’s two -year-old daughter is being held in Iran. She is living with her grandparents in the city where her mother is imprisoned. Gabriella visits her mother once a week

The Foreign Office is prepared to bring Gabriella home, but is unable to do anything to help mother’s case, as Iran doesn’t recognize dual-nationality citizens.