He continued: “I remember back in 1981, when I was hanged from the ceiling and had wounds all over my body… Khomeini used to say that there is no torture in our prisons at all. They [dissidents] torture themselves. Statements like these are abundant in our system.”

Dr. Maleki stated: “During this period, I have gone to prison many times and saw many things like this. In 1983, in the Ghezel Hessar Prison, I saw the very same things. They put everyone in the prison yard and then went inside the ward and they did what they pleased. They threw everything around like Genghis Khan. But I saw no beating. This is the first time that I hear a bunch of intelligence ministry agents and don’t know who else… come and raid and make such a scandal. What for really? They are a bunch of prisoners… would one treat a bunch of prisoners as such?”

Former President of Tehran University ruled out regime’ attempt to portray itself as representing Islam and said: “If one day I decide to speak and tell what I have seen in the 1980s in these prisons and in the 1990s, the 2000s, and in 2009 in various prisons, the world will be astonished.”

He underlined the fact that during all these 35 years of mullahs’ rule, the battering and torture of political prisoners in Iran has been ongoing: “In the 1980s they executed tens of thousands of the youth; killed them. Tortured and did many evil things to them. This is not something that has happened just today or yesterday; this has been going on for 35 years.”

Doesn’t make any difference; whether the place belongs to the revolutionary guards or the ministry of intelligence… when the prisoner is placed in their hands, they consider themselves at liberty to do whatever they please with the prisoner.”

Dr. Maleki underscored the catastrophic dimension of suppression and atrocity in Iran: “Dreadful things have happened in this country that now only glimpses of which are being disclosed. But they should be certain, the rulers should be certain, Mr. Khamenei should be certain, Mr. Rouhani should be certain that the truth will be disclosed one day and all these people who in these 35 years had authority in this country will be held accountable. They should answer the tortures, harassments, massacres, etc. or the thievery, state corruption, moral corruption, and the like.” 

 “Had he not promised to resolve all these things? Had he not promised to release the political prisoners? Had he not promised to release those under house arrest? Which one of his promises did he live up to? Violence in prisons is very severe; they raid, batter and injure.”