“Shocking audio was released recently on the Internet in the Persian language. Immediately, Iranian officials ordered its removal. The audio clearly shows that the so-called “moderate” Iranian leaders are in fact world-class criminals based on every legal or humanitarian standard. The audio sheds light on horrific crimes against humanity that are not that distinct from those egregious crimes committed by the Nazis.”

Bearing in mind that in reality this regime is neither Islamic nor a Republic and recounting  the higher religious position of Montazeri, the article elucidates: “In the audio, Ayatollah Hussein Ali Montazeri, the ex-heir of Iran’s Supreme Leader, reveals the true character of the Islamic Republic and crimes committed by it in the name of Islam. Montazeri was born in Esfahan, Iran, and was one of the founding fathers of the Islamic Republic. He was an Islamic theologian and the designated successor to the Islamic revolution’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Rooh Allah Khomeini, until the very last moments of Khomeini’s life. His pictures were posted next to Khomeini’s in the streets. Nevertheless, Montazeri’s fate changed dramatically, as he could not stay silent and felt compelled to speak out.

Dr Rafizadeh also points out: “Many members of those who were executed were from the opposition group, MEK,   Amnesty International estimates that in the summer of 1988, the total number of people executed was 4,500. Some estimates reach as high as over 30,000 people,” and he concludes 

The International Criminal Court, the UN, human rights originations and liberal institutions and activists should push to bring these officials to justice the way the international community did for some members of the Nazi Party. Finally, we should remember that these are world-class criminals and we are easing sanctions against a brutal regime, giving them more money from taxpayers, shaking hands with them, and calling them the moderates. How are we going to respond to millions of families whose members have been executed and tortured? What are we going to say in the future when asked why we allied with such criminals, appeased them, and gave them billions of dollars?