According to reports from inside Iran, on May 9, this imprisoned lady, 62, who is one of the relatives of PMOI members residing in Camp Liberty in Iraq.(Camp Liberty in Iraq is the residence of about 3000 of the members of Iranian opposition). When her physical condition deteriorated the prison agents hospitalized her with very much delay in a hospital in Karaj (near Tehran). Her physical condition is crucial and she is facing a full paralysis due to serious damage to her spinal cord.

Because of the tortures and no medical treatment two of her back vertebras have been seriously damaged and she has an acute lumbar disc disease.   

Previously, Mrs. Bahrami was hospitalized in a hospital but the prison guards returned her to prison without finishing the treatment process and even with the opposition of the hospital’s doctor. 

For explanation: despite having medical documents and the approval of coroner’s office and the diagnosis of neurologist of the Shohada hospital in Tehran and the rheumatologist of Taleghani hospital of Tehran that this political prisoner urgently needs a surgery the prison guards did not took any serious measure for her but put her under severe physical and mental pressure. 

Mrs. Motahareh Bahrami together with her espouse Mr. Mohsen Daneshpour, 71, and her son Ahmad and his espouse Mrs. Reyhaneh Haj Dabagh and another of their close associate by the name of Hadi Ghaemi were arrested in the 2009 uprising of Iranian people and brutally tortured. And in a confusing and secret judicial process Mohsen and Ahmad were sentenced to death. Mrs. Bahrami was sentenced to 10 years prison with exile to Gohardasht Prison of the city of Karaj, Reyhaneh Haj Ebrahim Dabagh to 15 years prison with exile to Gohardasht Prison of Karaj and Hadi Ghaemi to 15 years prison with exile in Gonbad Kavoos Prison, one of the cities of northeastern Iran.

The appointed charge of these persons for issuing such heavy sentences is announced relation with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI).

In addition to Mrs. Bahrami who has acute physical conditions, her son Ahmad Daneshpour, 44, bachelors graduated, who is sentenced to death on the charge of moharebeh and opposition with the rule of Supreme Leader and relation with PMOI, is in critical health conditions due to prison situation, mental and physical tortures and due to cancer.