The state-run Mehr news agency reported the execution of a man in public who was charged with murder. According to news sources reporting on Iran execution, this individual was 50 years old and identified as A. N. He lived in the city of Ghazvin and was a former bank employee. According to the state-run Mehr news agency, this execution was carried out in public on the morning of Saturday, August 23rd.

Three inmates, including 1 woman, executed in southeast Iran

The inhumane mullahs’ regime ruling Iran hanged three inmates, including a woman, in Zahedan Central Prison in southeast Iran on the morning of Saturday, August 23rd, Iran execution reports indicate. The authorities had transferred these three inmates to solitary confinement in the prison’s quarantine ward on Thursday, August 21st. The names of these three individuals were Ali Reza Shah-Bakhsh from ward 7, along with one inmate of the women’s ward which is said was one of his relatives, and Nourollah Barahoui from ward 7 of this prison. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – August 23rd, 2014)

Iran: horrifying amputation of prisoner’s finger in public

An Iranian man’s four fingers were amputated in public in city of Abarkooh in southern Iran, a commander police in the southern province of Yazd has declared, state-run Tabnak website reported on Friday.

Colonel Ahmad Gholamzadeh said the four fingers of the right hand of a prisoner were amputated at the presence of State Security Forces and judicial authorities in the city. He said: “The prisoner, M.N. (identified by his initials), had been sentenced to amputation of four fingers in public, one year imprisonment and payment of fines for illegitimately obtaining property.”

He added: “The amputation of the prisoner’s right hand four fingers were carried out outside the city’s detention center in public using a guillotine machine.”

The Iranian regime unveiled a machine last year terrifying device Iran uses to chop off fingers. The device looks like something devised for a grisly horror movie operates as a circular saw that guillotines prisoners’ fingers. (State-run ISNA news agency – August 22, 2014)

Iranian regime agents storm into northwestern prison

 On Sunday, August 17th, 30 prison guards in Urumieh Central Prison stormed into ward 12 of this facility where political prisoners are held, inspecting their cells and confiscating many of their personal items.

A source speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “In this inspection of political prisoners were checked one by one and then sent to the prison’s courtyard. The guards messed up all the prisoners’ items and damaged many of them. Finally they confiscated a number of books, notes and personal items belonging to the prisoners.” It is worth noting that ward 12 of this prison is currently holding 30 political prisoners and 25 other political prisoners in other wards of this facility. Ordinary prisoners charged with drug offenses are also mixed among these inmates. (Hrana – August 22, 2014)

Around 30 young boys and girls arrested in Tehran

On the night of Tuesday, August 19th, police agents raided a section in Tehran arresting around 30 young boys and girls on charges of disturbing other families. One of these youths said to an agent you yourself are causing the most disturbances for the people. (NCRI Women’s Committee – August 23, 2014)

Esfahan: 3 Bahai women arrested for couple of hours

On the morning of Tuesday, August 20th, State Security Forces referred to the houses of a number of Bahais living in Esfahan’s Shahin Shahr and after several hours of searching and confiscating their computers and religious books, arrested them and took them to an unknown location for interrogation.

The arrested were two men and three women by the names of: Azita Homayouni, Noushin Salekiyan, Rashin Shahnazi. They were eventually released after interrogation and they were told that they would be informed about taking part in court, which they have to take part in. (NCRI Women’s Commission – August 23, 2014)

Iran: women beaten in broad daylight raising serious protests

‘Guidance’ patrol agents in Tehran stationed outside a metro terminal on August 27th, arresting around 13 girls and taking them away. One of the agents began beating a 25-year old young woman, raising extreme protests from bystanders, especially women.

In the afternoon of Tuesday, August 19th, ‘Guidance’ patrol agents stationed in an area with the objective of arresting girls for ‘mal-veiling’. A number of young men began warning ladies inside the metro. When the agents saw their plan had failed they were forced to leave the area. 

On this day in another area of Tehran regime agents intended to arrested a 20-year old woman when her father intervened and defended his daughter. A number of bystanders began supporting this father and prevented the arrest of this young woman. (NCRI Women’s Committee – August 23, 20