According to the reports from inside Iran, Zaniar Moradi, a Kurdish political prisoner, in Gohardasht prison of Karaj (near Tehran) was supposed to be transferred to Ebn Sina Hospital in Tehran on April 8, to receive medical treatment for his problems, including serious injury in his spine that happened during the interrogation and torture. He was supposed to be sent out to hospital according to an appointment and after permission from the prosecutor and the head of prison.

But one of the prison authorities by the name of Asghar Samii opposed his dispatch to hospital and returned him with his miserable condition to the cell. He said the reason to prevent him to be transferred to prison is: “Because you are Kurd I do not let you to go to hospital.”

His father Eghbal Moradi, speaking on the condition of his son, said: “The physicians in the prison have several times said that he needs immediate medical attention, describing his condition as urgent. He is so bad that others in the cell take care of him. He is being prevented to be taken to the hospital although we have accepted to incur all his expenses. 

One of Zaniar’s cellmate says that a prison official has said: “The prisoners condemned to death enjoy no support for their medical care and we don’t spend anything on them. You are a Kurd and condemned to death so you get no assistance.”

It is now five years that Zaniar Moradi is on the death row.