Iran: Tragic remarks of Reyhaneh Jabbari’s mother subsequent to her execution. Eng. Subtitle

“My daughter was like a Cedar Tree. She went like a Cedar Tree.” 

“My daughter was relieved of the agony and pain that was imposed on her. She was relieved. She was relieved.” 

“Sarbandai (the man who tried to abuse Reyhaneh and was killed), we be held accountable in the afterlife. I will expose you as long as I live in this life. I will not do a thing to your children but I will expose you as long as I live.” 

“Morteza Sarbandani, I will expose you as long as I live. I will hoist the flag of your exposure forever. I will do nothing to your children. I like your children, but I will never forgive you. I had said I will forgive you if my daughter is forgiven. But now, I will never forgive you. I cannot forgive him. I cannot.” 

“You did not see my Reyhanheh today. She was innocent like a sheep. She was all passion. She was on passion.” 

“Why my daughter should have been killed? Why? Why? Sarbandi, until the last day of my life, I will expose you. Sarbandi you made life for your children and my daughter miserable.”

 “Oh young girls, if they would come to physically abuse you, allow them to do so. Otherwise, you fate will be like my Reyhaneh. Your mother will be devastated. And then they will kill you.”