Because Ms. Jabbari was arrested for defending herself against the aggression of a mullahs’ intelligence agent, henchmen did not observe the minimum legal process of even their own system during the investigations and her trial as they were afraid of the disclosure of the secrets of the Mafia of murder, assassination and corruption of the clerical regime; i.e. the Ministry of Intelligence. Amnesty International declared that “the execution of Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari who was convicted after a deeply flawed investigation and trial is an affront to justice… This is another bloody stain on Iran’s human rights record”.


On the other hand, Mrs. Jabbari’s resistance and refusal to give in to the pressures of the suppressive agents and her refusal to succumb to their dictated demands had doubled the mullahs’ regime anger towards her. In a voice recording on April 1, 2014 addressing her mother she said: “…the court charged me with being coldblooded in the murder and of being a cruel criminal. I shed no tears, did not beg, and did not cry out loud since I believed in the support of the law… how naïve were we that we expected justice from the judges. I embrace death because in the court of God I charge the investigative officers, I charge the interrogator, I charge the judge of the Supreme Court of the country, those who severely beat me… In the court of the creator of the world I charge… all those who inattentively, falsely or out of fear wronged me.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, hailed the perseverance of Reyhaneh Jabbari and offered her sympathy to her bereaved family. She called on the Iranian people, especially the women and the youth, to express their solidarity with Reyhaneh’s family and to protest and resist the criminal death sentences and the savage suppression of women, such as the acid attacks.


Mrs. Rajavi called for an independent international probe into the execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari as an example of arbitrary, extrajudicial and criminal death sentences that have taken on added dimensions since Rouhani’s tenure.

At a time that the mullahs’ regime has ridiculed all international conventions and laws and despite sixty UN resolutions continues with its crimes and the spilling of blood, Mrs. Rajavi called on the current UN General Assembly session to refer the dossier of the systematic violation of human rights in Iran, the collective and arbitrary executions, and the heinous crimes such as splashing of acid on women to the UN Security Council so that through binding decisions it would confront this medieval and in particular misogynic barbarism. She added that conducting negotiations and dealing with a bloodthirsty regime that honors no pact or agreement is a dagger in the heart of human rights and a betrayal of values and goals that the United Nations has been founded upon.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

October26, 2014