According to an informed source: “On Monday night, while Malek Mohammadi was at a friend’s house, police forces from the sheriff’s office surrounded the house. Malek Mohammadi’s friend asked the police to present their warrant to enter his home, but in response the police started beating him without producing a warrant.”

According to the same source, Malek Mohammadi exited the house and was shot by the police. Then, while Malek Mohammadi was wounded, the police started searching the house. Even though they found nothing, the police took Malek Mohammadi to the police station.

“After hours of detention, the police decided to transfer Malek Mohammadi to hospital, but he died before reaching the hospital. It is said that Shahrokhi, the sheriff of Jalgh, is trying to put together a scenario to present Malek Mohammadi as a criminal,” the report writes.