whatever the Americans want to express through the podium of the United Nations, they tell Ban Ki-moon and he comments in that regard. 

The state news agency of ISNA on March 12 said that Ali Akbar Velayati, Khamenei’s adviser for International Affairs, who was Foreign Affairs Minister for 16 years, told reporters: “Ban Ki-moon selectively makes comments with political intentions and because of lack of having independent stances, one can say he has been almost the most impotent Secretary General in the history of the United Nations to date and has been effectively unable to resolve the crises in the Muslim world.

The Secretary general in his report to the UN Human Rights Council yesterday, referred to high number of executions in Iran in first few months of the current year and reminded the report of Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, by saying that last year between 500 to 625 people were executed in Iran, 57 of them were in public. 

The Secretary General stated in his repot that after the election of Rouhani, the number of executions in Iran has grown and the new Iranian administration, despite the president’s promises in the election campaign, has achieved no progress on the implementation and support of the right for freedom of expression. All media, including print and online, are still faced with many limitations and even have been shut down during this period.

Ban Ki-moon said that expressing views and opinions of the opposition in Iran is faced with arrest and prosecution.

The Secretary-General called for release of activists, lawyers, journalists and political prisoners.