In the village of Hezarkhani, situated in the northwestern Kermanshah province, people protested to the sexual harassment of an 11-year-old girl by a mullah. The mullah has fled the town and there is no further news about him.

On Monday, August 18, again in Kermanshah province, an Iranian citizen who had suffered a heart attack lost his life in the hospital’s yard after the authorities refused to accept him for not having his insurance card.

Friday, August 23, marks the 7th day of Farangins Mazloom’s hunger strike. She is the mother of the political prisoner Soheil Arabi. Security forces arrested Mrs. Mazloom a month ago and since then she is in ward 209 of Evin prison. According to her family, she is in critical health condition and is suffering from various diseases.

The family members of the murdered political prisoner Ali-Reza Shir-Mohammad-Ali, who was stabbed to death in prison, protested to the court ruling that only set sentences for the prisoners in the murder of Shir Mohammad Ali. The family’s lawyer said that the real murderers who premeditated this crime are the chief warden, and the director of the Prisons Organization, and they should be tried and held accountable.  

As International pressure grows, the Iranian regime finds no solution but increasing oppression in order to prevent or at least avoid another popular uprising, which regarding its current situation will result in its downfall. In this regard, the regime detains civil rights activists and sets the real human rights abusers free. These actions, however, lead to further protests and resistance against the regime.