(May 14, 2015) – A new short video was unveiled today raising awareness about the roots of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism sweeping the Middle East and reveals how it all started within Iran and its cadre of ruling mullahs.

The 97 second video, first published on YouTube for the news channel IranFocus.com, explains how the horrific acts used by extremists today originally started in Iran where the mullahs’ brutal treatment of ordinary Iranians included dispensing medieval punishments such as gouging eyes out, amputating limbs, raping virgin girls before executions, stoning people to death and daily public hangings, have been the template for groups like ISIS.

The United Nations Secretary General expressed alarm last month over the increasing number of death sentences handed down and rapid executions carried out in Iran. Last April alone, Iran executed over 115 people in a two week span. Under the iron-rule of the mullahs, Iran is ranked first in the world for the number of executions on a per capita basis.

The video lays out that if Islamic extremism is to be stopped, it first needs to be halted in Iran.

The video has also been made available on all social media platforms for sharing and viewing. Use the hashtag #ISISandIran for more discussion. For more information, please go to www.iranfocus.com