A 70 year old prisoner, Yoiusef Parvaneh, has been transferred from Karaj Ghezel Hessar prison to Orumiyeh Central prison to have his punishment carried out: the amputation of his fingers. He was charged with theft in 2009. A revolutionary guard is the plaintiff in the case, so the judiciary ignored his appeal and intends to carry out the sentence.

According to the state run Mizan News Agency, reported on January 17, 2017, two brothers in Yazd, in addition to life imprisonment, have also been sentenced to flogging and hand amputation.

Rokna’s website, on February 4, 2017, told about a a young woman in Tehran who was sentenced to a year in exile, as well as 99 lashes for having a “telephone conversation with a man”.

According to Asr Iran newspaper on February 4, 2017, two authorities in Rasht were sentenced for insulting a so-called representative of the regime. One received 114 lashes and the other,  40 lashes. On January 18, a reporter in Shahroud was sentenced to 40 lashes. Previously, another reporter in Najaf Abad received the sentence of 40 lashes. 

Javad Larijani, President of the Human Rights Commission in the Judiciary, attempted to defend these brutal sentences, as he ironically described the Velayeat Faqih regime as “the biggest democracy in Western Asia” and stated that the regime “is not afraid of human rights offensives”. This, reported by Mehr news agency, January 17, 2017.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran published an article on February 5, 2017, stating that, “The religious fascism ruling Iran is the disgrace of contemporary humanity and should be ostracized from the family of nations. The file of catastrophic situation of human rights in Iran should be referred to the UN Security Council and leaders of the regime must be held accountable for their black record of their crimes.”