The protest took place following reports from prison indicating that Mr Taheri is suffering from an acute heart problem due to a long hunger strike.

Prisoner of conscience Mr Taheri, who has spent over three years of a five year sentence in solitary confinement in Section 2A of Tehran’s Evin Prison on a charge of ‘insulting Islamic sanctities’ in relation to his spiritual beliefs and practices. 

Mr Taheri, founder of a new spiritual group in Iran called Erfan-e-Halgheh, was arrested on May 4, 2011, by officials linked to the Revolutionary Guards and held in solitary confinement for nine months in Section 2A of Evin Prison.

Taheri has faced prolonged isolation and harsh prison conditions during the past three years.  The regime authorities continue to threaten him with death based on religious fatwas that order the killing of apostates.

Amnesty International issued a statement in August calling on the authorities in Iran to release him.

In open letter in April 2014 addressed to Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, Mr Taheri asked the Special Rapporteur to review his case.

Video: Iran-Protesters in Iran demand release of prisoner of conscience