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INU - On Friday, Reuters issued a new report on the pending execution of Babak Zanjani, a billionaire Iranian businessman who was charged with “spreading corruption” as a result of allegations that he embezzled approximately 2.7 billion dollars in oil sales conducted on behalf of the government of former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


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INU - The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts on March 10 described the elimination of two of his main allies in the recent elections as a loss and described his regime as vulnerable to 10 ways of the enemy's infiltration.

NCRI- On Thursday, January 8, the state-run Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the terrorist Quds Force, wrote in a commentary entitled “Attack in Paris consequence of France playing with fire in Syria”:

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INU- Even though President Rouhani on Sunday outlined economic objectives that seek Western investment amidst continued defiance of Western demands, CNBC reports that his further comments on the same day included consideration of possible popular referendums instead of mere parliamentary votes on crucial issues like the prospective nuclear deal, which faces a new deadline of June 30.

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INU- In an article posted Wednesday, The Tower noted that Iranian Hassan Rouhani, in an apparent act of self-contradiction, increased the budget for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps by 50 percent at roughly the same time that he criticized the effect of monopolies on the poor economy and endemic corruption throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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INU- The supreme leader’s open call for the destruction of Israel on Sunday is part and parcel of the hardline policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in the wake of the recent conservative resurgence that has been characterized by a crackdown on women’s rights and perceived Western influence. Ayatollah Khamenei’s bold message also suggests that the regime does not expect a serious response from Western powers.


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