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NCRI: Google and Wikipedia have become the latest victims of the Iranian regime's online censorship, Mashable reports.

Iran has reportedly blocked access to another Google service, the hosting platform Google Sites, and censored at least two sensitive Wikipedia pages in Farsi in the last couple of days.

GCC and Chuck Hagel Meet: Today marked the gathering of representatives of the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Saudi Arabia. The GCC recently made the decision to explore the NATO defensive model as a way of confronting the threat from Iran.

The water reservoir of Tehran, the capital of Iran, has reached its lowest amount in more than 40 years. The dams of Tehran province are also facing an unprecedented lack of water. As Nematollah Torki, Deputy of Planning for Tehran, said on May 8th: “Tehran is in the most critical water situation and has reached a warning stage.” 

Palm Beach Post: The tragedy of Iran is that it may not be able to reach an agreement over its nuclear program even when it knows it needs one. The Islamic Republic’s political class knows its hold on power depends on sustained economic growth, and that in turn requires a resolution of the nuclear issue. But the men who rule Iran still want the leverage of nuclear power.

Ahmed Shaheed (UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran): This past March I attended the Munk School of Global Affairs’ 2014 annual Cyber Dialogue in Toronto, where government representatives and members of civil society, academia and the private sector discussed cyber security and governance. We talked about ways to support governments, including Iran’s, in their efforts to advance protections for privacy, expression, opinion, and association and in their efforts to improve Internet speed and access to content deemed protected under international law.

The spokesman of Health Committee of mullahs’ regime parliament mentioned to the report of the authorities of the administration of fighting drugs and said that the statistics related to the addicts in Iran is worrying.


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