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Following several days of protest and uprising in five provinces of Iran, regime officials and media acknowledged the protests and admitted there is a significant lack of public support for the current regime. This is obviously a calculated political move aimed to prevent the spread of protests.

On Saturday, February 15th, protests continued in many provinces of Iran. Residents of Isfahan, a city popular with tourists in central Iran, fought with security forces and Basiji plainclothes forces throughout the day and a few hours into the night.

According to reports from within Iran, Ilam’s security forces in western Iran raided homes in several districts simultaneously to remove satellite dishes and associated equipment. Many of these forces had to flee due to resistance from locals.

Today during anti government demonstration in Dezful the clashes a number of protesters were wounded. The number of wounded in Koyeh Modares and Vali-Abad were higher. A gas station, a gas pumping station, and a bank were put on fire.

The protest in Dezful (14 Feb)led to clashes between the youths and regime’s repressive forces in various parts of the city.

Long live the great Iranian nation,
The 1979 revolution was meant to achieve freedom, independence, justice and progress. However, from its very onset, it deviated from these goals in favor of an Islamic Republic. The mullahs ruling Iran used religion and the system of Velayat-e faqih to impose violent tyrannical rule. In the past 35 years, destruction, poverty, corruption, billion dollar embezzlements, addiction, and divorce have been rampant in Iran. The mullahs’ rule supports fundamentalism, suppression, executions and torture of the Iranian people. The situation has reached a tipping point with the poverty, unemployment, censorship, undue inquisition, and further systematic violation of human rights and all social and educational foundations; we are witnessing extreme damage to our moral values.

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