Tavakoli, in his March 11th interview with Fars news agency, affiliated with the revolutionary guards, referred to a group that gives bribes to Majlis representatives to influence government institutions. He offered an example of a corruption case where petrochemicals were not investigated: a number of close associates of the government made offers to the Majlis representatives to keep the file closed. These people have power and influence and they lobby to assist their thefts and embezzlements. They even buy off the media. 

Here we can talk about the white collars. As an investigator remarked, white collars steal without breaking into your house. The unemployed, the work children, and people who work in adverse economic conditions are all victims of white collar crime. White collar criminals and their lives of luxury that began with Hashemi’s presidency continue to thrive.

For example, the former president supported some of the corrupt and criminal individuals. Among those that Ahmadinejad supported were his First Deputy, the Head of Social Aid and the Head of the Organization of Cultural Inheritance. Of course this is a long list, we don’t have the time or space to name them all.