On Monday, Khamenei broke several weeks of silence to address the anti-regime uprising and the sharp decline in value of the Iranian currency, but his speech showed that the Regime is at a deadlock, so all the mullahs can do is sling insults at the protesters and the US (the “Great Satan”) in a misguided effort to calm the people down and persuade them not to overthrow the Regime.

Khamenei said: “Those who say that the government should be dismissed are playing a role in the enemy’s plot. The government must be in power and should accomplish its duties with full force to resolve the problems.”

The problem with that is the people of Iran know that the problems are caused by the Regime, which is why they are protesting and chanting “Death to Khamenei” and “Death to the Dictator”, across many Iranian cities.

Khamenei also tried to convince the people that corruption in some elements of the Iranian Regime should not be evidence of systematic corruption, but the problem with the logic is that all evidence shows that corruption in Iran goes right to the very top and Khamenei is the most corrupt of all.

Khamenei said: “Some people talk about corruption in a way as if the whole system is corrupt and they claim it is a systematic and comprehensive corruption … some others are careless in their talks and writings. Corruption in some agencies or among some individuals should not be generalized to the whole country.”

He tried to blame the economic failings on President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s enemies, and various individuals in Iran, but the truth is that Iran’s wealth has been squandered for years by the mullahs as a whole, with billions of dollars going to prop up the Bashar Assad dictatorship in Syria and to fund terrorist groups across the Middle East. Khamenei knows this; he ordered it.

He even tries to call the 2015 nuclear deal that he helped to orchestrate, which was incredibly favourable to Iran, a mistake on the parts of Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, complaining that they had crossed his red lines and gotten a bad deal. Khamenei is refusing to negotiate with the US, but this behaviour will only lead to regime change. The mullahs will not abide by the people’s wishes for change and so the Regime will fall.