Children were wearing Lori costume cloths to show their solidarity with the people of Bakhtiari. According to the latest news from inside Iran, about 500 people were injured in these clashes. Many more were arrested and their fate is not yet known.

In order to not lose the control of the situation, the Iranian regime got on its channel 5 TV and apologized for insulting the people of Bakhtiari. The people did not accept this apology.

As protesters gathered near the historic Khajou Bridge in Isfahan and demonstrated across from the regime’s central IRIB radio and TV station, security forces used tear gas and fired bullets into the air in an unsuccessful attempt to break up the protests. The people chanted “down with [the] dictator.”

Also, in the city of Fouladvand, near Isfahan, protests and clashes started around noon and continued late into the night.


On Saturday, February 15th, the people of Ahwaz, capital of Khuzestan province (southwest Iran), started gathering in front of the regime’s IRIB station building at 9 AM. They carried banners condemning the regime’s leaders and officials of IRIB. At 11 AM security forces fired tear gas into the crowd. More than 100 people, especially those who were taking pictures, were arrested. After the violent response from security forces some protesters set a gas station on fire.


Today during the heroic uprising of Dezful protesters attacked three institutions of the regime and set them ablaze. In addition, the gas station at the entrance of the city was also set on fire and nearly 10 motorcycles and vehicles belonging to Regime forces were destroyed. Brave youths clashed with security forces and held their ground.

The anti-democratic and suppressive security forces used non-indigenous agents to suppress the people’s protest. Bullets were fired into the crowd of protesters. Two young men were shot in the shoulder and foot and they are critically injured.

After police forces used gunfire they also attacked homes and beat women. The city’s youth is now more determined than ever to continue their protests until their demands are met.