The supreme advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces states his goal in this suggestion is to place the control of culture in the country with the IRGC and adds: “By cultural work we don’t mean that everyone goes about his own way to do a cultural work. All work must be done under a unified supervision. Organization in the realm of culture is very important. They must implement a Jihadi management in the realm of culture and some cultural problems need to be solved by the Basij and the IRGC.”

Concurrently, the IRGC official news agency of Tasnim quoted Baqerzadeh as saying: “If we have cultural pollution in one section of the country, it can be resolved through a cultural effort. In the combination of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution we have no representative from the armed forces despite the fact that the armed forces play an important role in building the culture. For example, in the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom the armed forces are at the forefront. In the realm of educating the youth, the armed forces play an important role. But we have no representation of the armed forces in the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. I want to suggest that IRGC commander Jazaeri, Deputy of Basij Affairs in the IRGC joins the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution.”