The people of Iran are fed up with the regime ruling for more than four decades over the country. The mostly young protesters do not want basic and useless reforms such as moderating the regime’s dress codes. They want the regime to be overthrown. They want a revolution.

A revolution that will save them, the coming generations, and the entire Middle East from the tyranny of this regime. The protests have changed people’s lifestyles. Spread over more than 280 cities it marked its 92nd day. Hitherto, the regime has killed more than 700 people and more than 30,000 have been arrested by its repressive forces.

The people’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has published so far, the names of 596 martyrs.

Today the brave people of Sistan and Baluchestan province took to the streets and continued their protests against the regime. The rallies began in Zahedan and Rask. The mostly radicalized slogans have filled the atmosphere. People chanted:

“I will kill those who killed my brother!”, “death to Khamenei”, “death to IRCG, and Basij”, “Members of Basij should be killed whether with bullet or fist”, “Basij, IRGC you’re the ISIS”, etc.

The people know that they are putting themselves and their relatives in great danger. They may be shot or killed on the streets. They will face inhuman behaviors and abuses in the regime’s notorious dungeons. And perhaps they will face death sentences under alibis like moharebeh (waging war against God).

This Monday the regime hanged the 23-year-old Majidreza Rahnavard as the second protester facing the death sentence after Mohsen Shekari.

The regime thinks that such ruthlessness and snarling will scare the people and prevent the people from continuing the protests. But it has only radicalized the atmosphere and voices of a new revolution can be heard from every corner of the country.

Indeed, these four months are the beginning of an end. The Iranian people have decided to clean up Iran from the regime’s evil and this time nothing will stop them.

In a tweet, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the president-elect of the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said: “All the people of Iran, including Turks, Lors, Arabs, Kurds, Baluchis, and Fars are resolved to destroy the mullahs’ regime and they shall overcome.”

Today, the funeral ceremony of Dr. Aida Rostami was held in Gorgan. She was a resident of Tehran’s Ekbatan settlement, who secretly treated the wounded of recent protests. After being identified by the regime’s security forces, she was kidnapped, and finally, her lifeless body was delivered to her family on Monday.

And as usual in the forensic medical certificate, the cause of death was mentioned as ‘collision with a hard object!’ In Tehran, the ceremony for the 40th of the murder of Ali Ruzbahani was held at the Behesht Zahra cemetery.

Ali’s brother, who spoke at the gathering, said, “We’re 80 million. My brother who stands in front of the armed forces with a rock in his hand knows that 80 million people have his back. We’re not afraid of your bullets and guns. We’re not afraid of anything. It makes no difference, whether you kill in Tehran or Kurdistan, or Khuzestan or Zahedan. We want justice for our brothers and sisters. I will kill those who killed my sister!”

Ali’s father, who also spoke at the gathering, said, “Don’t expect us to forget. Don’t expect us to forgo revenge and forgive the person who killed this kid. We won’t forgive.”

Key Developments:

  1. December 15 – Bourse, Sweden Freedom-loving Iranians, and supporters of the Iran opposition PMOI held a photo exhibition of protesters killed by the regime and voiced solidarity with the r
  2. In its tweet, Amnesty International warned that “at least 26 people are at great risk of execution in connection with nationwide protests in Iran following sham grossly unfair proceedings. Of the 26, at least 11 are sentenced to death and 15 are charged with capital offenses and awaiting or undergoing trials.”
  3. Member of the European Parliament from Spain Mr. F. Javier Zarzalejos Nieto warned about the extra-regional threats of the regime and in a tweet wrote: “Yesterday I spoke with @JNS_org about the situation in Iran. We must highlight that Iran is not just a regional threat, but a global threat through its nuclear program and alliance with Russia, which should be seen as a real game changer.”
  4. The government of the Netherlands expressed its concern about the human rights situation in Iran. On its official website, it wrote: “The Netherlands is extremely concerned about the human rights situation in Iran and is monitoring developments closely. People have the right to engage in protests advocating women’s rights and other human rights. The Netherlands condemns the use of force against peaceful protesters.”
  5. Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom James Cleverly, in support of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people in a tweet, wrote: “3 months ago today, Mahsa Amini died after her arrest by Iran’s ‘Morality Police’. Since then, we’ve sanctioned over 40 Iranian officials. In total, we’ve sanctioned 300+ people and entities, including the IRGC in its entirety.”

Sistan & Baluchestan

December 16, Sistan & Baluchestan – Footage of the regime’s anti-riot units on alert to quell anti-regime protests in Rask. Source

Protesters in Zahedan hold a sign: “Baluchestan had a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and didn’t budge. So, you can bring your tanks and cannons all you want!”. Source

Brave women in Zahedan with nooses around their necks were seen protesting the regime’s executions. Source

Protesters chant in Zahedan: Basij & IRGC! You are our ISIS! Source


Locals gathered to mark the 40th day of Ali Ruzbahani’s murder by the regime’s oppressive security forces began chanting: “I will kill those who killed my sister!” Source

Locals mark the 40th day of Ali Ruzbahani’s murder and began chanting: “For each person killed another thousand will rise!” Ali’s father & brother delivered speeches at the gathering. Source

Locals covered the grave of Mohsen Shekari with flowers a young man executed for blocking a road and injuring a member of the regime’s paramilitary Basij. Source