On Tuesday, December 27, 2022, citizens in Tabriz, Mahabad, and Bukan paid homage to the slain protesters Aylar Haghi, Azad Hosseinpour, Seyyed Kamal Ahmadpour, Mohammad Ahmadi, and Hiva Jan-Jan, turning mourning ceremonies into scenes of revolution.

“Forty days after the murder of Aylar Haghi, the heroic people of Tabriz renewed their vows at her tomb, chanting, ‘Khamenei is a murderer; his rule is illegitimate,’” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. “The courageous youths of Iran will soon overthrow religious fascism and establish democracy and people’s sovereignty.”

Furthermore, demonstrators continued anti-regime activities in various areas across Iran. Protesters also commemorated the 13th anniversary of the 2009 nationwide protests, attacking regime offices and Revolutionary Guards Basij bases in Tehran and 15 other cities.

“To achieve freedom, the Iranian people and Resistance do not want or need interference from any foreign governments in Iranian affairs, but they expect all governments to refrain from giving concessions or assistance to their enemy,” said Mrs. Rajavi.

December 27 marked the 103rd day of anti-regime protests in Iran. The demonstrations began following the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, in police custody. However, it immediately turned into a revolution against the entire theocratic regime.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI), the protests have extended to 280 cities. The regime has killed over 750 citizens, injured tens of thousands, and detained more than 30,000. The MEK has published the names of 601 killed protesters.

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Key Developments:

  • The regime hanged Iranian-Baluch political prisoner Ayyub Riggi, 38, in Zahedan Central Prison on December 24. Riggi was tortured in the dungeons of the IRGC Intelligence Organization, Ministry of Intelligence & Security, and the prisons of Zahedan and Zabol for more than seven years.
  • “The IRGC is sanctioned by the UK in its entirety,” said UK Foreign Minister James Cleverly. “We will hold the tyrants in Iran to account.”
  • SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, announced on Twitter that his company is in the process of activating 100 Starlink satellites to provide Internet access in Iran.
  • Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce announced that Iran has been ranked as the third country worldwide regarding inflation in the second half of 2022.
  • “I demand the release of the student and would like to contribute to making the victims of the protest in Iran visible,” said Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate Malu Dreyer. “The Prime Minister has taken over the sponsorship of the imprisoned 16-year-old Sheno Ahmadian via the International Human Rights Organization in Germany.”
  • “Mohammad Ghobadlu has been sentenced to death and could be executed at any minute,” said French Senate Vice-President Vincent Delahaye. “I agreed to bring him my sponsorship, and I call for an immediate end to executions in Iran.”

Tehran Province:

Students at Tehran University hold an iconic 40-day memorial for the martyrs at the campus. Source

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East Azarbaijan Province:

Locals in Tabriz gathered to mark the 40th day of Aylar Haghi’s murder by the regime’s security forces, chanting:
“Death to the dictator!” Source
“Khamenei is a murderer! His rule is illegitimate!” Source
“We’re all together and we’ll fight to the end!” Source
“This is the year Seyed Ali (Khamenei) is overthrown!” Source

West Azarbaijan Province:

Locals continued the nationwide protests against the regime. Source

Locals in Bukan gathered to mark the 40th day of a protester Hiva Jan-Jan murdered by the regime’s oppressive security forces, chanting: “Martyrs don’t die!” Source

Heartbreaking footage shows the little daughter of Seyyed Kamal Ahmadpour mourning for her father, who was killed by security forces in Mahabad on November 18. Source

Mahabad citizens mark the 40-day memorial of Azad Hosseinpour, Seyyed Kamal Ahmadpour, and Mohammad Ahmadi, chanting:
“Death to [Khamenei] for all these years of crime!” Source
“Martyrs never die!” Source
”Kurd, Baluch, Azari; freedom & equality!” and “Kurd and Baluch are brothers against [Khamenei]!” Source
“Death to [regime local mercenaries] Jash!” Source

Razavi Khorasan Province:

Protesters install a banner on a billboard in Mashhad reading: Promote bravery! We swear the blood of martyrs to resist to the end!
“Our compatriots, we must rise up against tyranny,” the voice says. Source

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