From April 26 to 28, the people of Iran held at least 14 rallies, protests, and strikes in various cities, venting their anger over the government’s plundering and profiteering policies.

On Wednesday, April 28, locals in the Aleshtar region, Lorestan province, resisted security forces’ attempt to cut down walnut trees. Oppressive forces used tear gas and shotguns to disperse protesters, leading to more than one hundred injuries, including 30 women. Security forces also began arbitrary arrests, creating an atmosphere of fear.

Elsewhere, retirees, municipal workers, temporary-contract workers, supervisors, bus drivers, gold dealers, teachers, water staff, and shareholders staged 13 protests in various cities.

Rally and March of Homa Aviation Co Retirees

Tehran province—on Monday, April 26, dozens of retirees and pensioners affiliated with the Homa Aviation company held a rally and march, protesting officials’ failure to adjust their salaries with the inflation rate.

They once again called on government-backed employers to adjust their pensions and salaries in accordance with skyrocketing prices. Protesters declared that “We will not give in until obtaining their rights, and we will hold larger rallies if we do not obtain our demands.”

A day earlier, retirees and pensioners affiliated with the Social Security Organization had staged rallies and marches in 14 cities across the country with same demands.

Strike of Municipal Workers

Khuzestan province—on Monday, April 26, the Kut-Abdollah Municipality in Ahvaz fired more than 100 striker workers. They had launched a strike two weeks ago protesting officials’ failure to pay their overdue salaries.

“Our salaries and pensions have not been paid for six months. But the municipality falsely claims that it has paid salaries completely,” said a worker.

According to workers, the municipality has verbally dismissed around 104 workers despite their five, ten, and 12 years of experience. Employers have fired workers and banned them from entering the workplace under the pretext of the “end of annual contracts.”

In recent months, municipal workers in various cities staged enormous rallies and sit-ins protesting officials’ failure to pay their salaries. On the other hand, state-run media had reported that nearly 600,000 workers had fired due to the coronavirus outbreak until April 2020.

Rally of Retirees

Kermanshah province—on Tuesday, April 27, a group of defrauded investors of the Stock Market staged a rally in front of the Bourse Chamber at Ershad Crossroad.

On April 20, MP Alireza Beigi had admitted to unprecedented drops in the Stock Market. “The people do no longer trust you… there is no clearer reason for this distrust than the fact that 50 million Iranians have lost their capital on the Bourse, for which you are responsible,” he said addressing the Economy Minister Farhad Dejpasand.

Furthermore, on April 16, the head of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization Ali Dehghan Dehnavi said, “In the past year, the Bourse provided 6.8 quadrillion rials [$27.2 billion] for the economy. The Stock Market was the government’s financial instrument in the past year.”

Rally of Temporary Workers

Tehran province—on Tuesday, April 27, temporary-contract workers held a rally in front of the Ministry of Labor. They protested officials for paving the legal path for employers to make temporary contracts in ongoing careers.

“We contract workers demand the Supreme Court abolishes Directive 179, and we reject making temporary deals in permanent careers,” they had written on a banner. “Livelihood is our definite right,” they had written on handwritten banners.

Rally of Agriculture Supervisors

Kurdistan province—on Tuesday, April 27, a group of agriculture supervisors held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate.

They protested Majlis for failing to pass the plan for recruiting these people despite their education and prudence. “We urge MPs to be accountable for failing to pass the plan for recruitment,” protesters had written on placards.

Rally of Private Bus Drivers

West Azarbaijan province—on Tuesday, April 27, private bus drivers staged a gathering in front of the Provincial Governorate in Urmia.

They protested officials for failing to pay their unpaid credits. The government’s refusal to pay protesters’ wages has pushed them to more difficulties and economic dilemmas.

Rally of Plundered Gold Dealers

Chaharmahal & Bakhtiati province—on Tuesday, April 27, a group of defrauded gold dealers held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate in Shahrekord.

They demanded officials refund their plundered money, chanting, “Justice, justice.”

Locals Protest Destructive Mineral Activities

East Azarbaijan province—on Tuesday, April 27, residents of Gonvo Kendi village gathered and protested a miner company, which pursued to exploit Adineh Zonouz mine in this region. The company had transferred discovery and exploitation equipment to the mine prompting public outrage.

Fearing the expansion of protests, the State Security Forces attended the place attempting to disperse protesters. However, the people finally expelled the company due to their destructive activities, which threatened natural resources severely.

Residents say that the company’s activities for extracting copper and gold would bring dramatically damages to the nature and their business.

Rally of Contract Teachers

Tehran province—on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 27 and 28, contract teachers held a rally in front of the Parliament (Majlis) demanding the government recruits them officially.

According to the Education Ministry’s measures, these teacher had won green certifications showing their eligible and competence to be hired. However, the government still refrain from using these valuable human resources.

“Our green certifications are a sign of our science,” “Green-certification-holders’ slogan, recruitment, recruitment,” and “We do not want another exam,” protesters chanted.

Rally of Telecommunication Retirees

Fars province—on Wednesday, April 28, retired workers and employees of Shiraz’s remote telecommunication held a rally at the company’s site.

They protested the managing board for failing to meet their demands. “Pay retirees’ 15-year arrears,” they had written on banners.

Rally of Water Staff

Khuzestan province—on Wednesday, April 28, a group of personnel and staff affiliated with the Water and Sewage Organization in Izeh county once again staged a gathering in front of the organization.

They urged officials to follow up their demands. In recent weeks, water and sewage staff in different counties of Khuzestan province held several rallies demanding their inherent rights about job security and recruitment conditions. However, officials have yet to respond to protesters’ demands.

Protests in Aleshtar

Lorestan province—on Wednesday, April 28, the State Security Forces (SSF) tried to cut down the walnut trees in the village of Kahman Aleshtar, which prompted villagers’ anger and pushed them to defensd their trees. For years, local people had endured hardships and difficulties to grow these trees as a source of income.

To crack down on enraged protesters, the government dispatched a Special Forces unit, which tried to disperse defenseless people with shotguns and tear gas.

“Many people were injured. Thirty of the injured were women who led the protests. Reportedly, some suffered serious injuries and were transferred to the Provincial Capital, Khorramabad for treatment,” stated the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi condemned the SSF’s “heinous” crime and called on the people and youth of Aleshtar and the surrounding areas to help the wounded, especially the deprived women.

Rally of Shahr-e Khodro Shareholders

Isfahan province—on Wednesday, April 28, a group of shareholders of Shahr-e Khodro automaking company held a rally in front of the Provincial Office of the Industry, Mine, and Trade Organization.

They protested officials’ failure to meet their demands. Back on December 23, 2020, and January 11 and 29, these people had raised their voices. However, the government failed to take any action.

Two years ago, these people had purchased Copa car from Reagan Khodro company, represented by Shahr-e Khodro firm but the company still refuses to deliver cars or clarify the fate of people’s money.