An expert of the Iranian regime on suppression of political opposition to the regime warns about the rising support for the opposition movement the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Mohamad Sadegh Koushki, a former integrator of political prisoners with close ties to the IRGC in an interview warned that the activities of MEK are focused on “psychological warfare” and “on creating despair among different sectors of the society.”

“These activities are carried out by… (MEK) in the capital of Albania (Tirana camp) by over 2,000 people. These people … are active in cyberspace, specifically on Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram, he told the state-run news agency IBNA.

The warning comes as anti-regime protests are spreading daily in Iran and any public protests turn political targeting the highest officials of the regime.

Meanwhile, the state-run daily Didban-e Iran on June 12 published an article warning that “Protesters are no longer afraid of anything” and criticized the bill “Granting security forces the right to use weapons at rallies,” warning that such decisions will have “severe consequences.”

“This has a very bad message and has created a kind of insecurity in society. That is, people think that the protests will become more widespread, and the security forces will no longer be able to control them, and that is why they have decided to arm the unarmed forces as well.”

“This news was spread in a situation where the society is involved in many crises so that the people who are experiencing many hardships, this theme will add to their worries, and that they will be deprived of the opportunity to protest the situation, and this will surely have severe consequences. Everyone should keep this in mind, people do not protest out of satiety. When people protest, they are no longer afraid of anything.”

Discussing the hardships created for the Iranian people, the state-run daily Sharq wrote in their June 13 publication, “Some speculations about fuel prices have suggested that the collection of fuel cards from station officials has fueled rumors of an increase in gasoline. This is the question of many who are now faced with strange announcements. Announcements were installed at some gas stations stating that fuel cards from station officials have been collected. But government officials have given conflicting explanations for this, and now they have created the suspicion that the government is probably planning a secret gasoline plan.”

They further stated, “They (the people) refer to the experience of November 2019 and say that despite all the denials, the price of gasoline suddenly increased 1.5 to three times, and on November 22, 2019, President Hassan Rouhani said that I, like the people realized on Friday morning, that the price of gasoline had changed.”

Putting it all together, one can conclude that what the regime refers to as ‘assassination of the mind’ and ‘assassination of hope’ means exactly the people of Iran are “no longer afraid of anything” in facing the criminal mullahs that have been suppressing them for years.