Opposition leader Maryam Rajavi said: “A force capable of overthrowing the regime is lurking in the heart of Iranian cities. From all indications, the ruling theocracy is at the point of being overthrown.”

Only a decade ago, following the ill-fated 2009 uprising, this would have seemed premature, but the regime has failed to eradicate the MEK as it wished and the MEK has grown exponentially. Now the regime is terrified and trying to ward off its inevitable overthrow with terrorism, suppression, mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic, and nuclear weapons development.

The main aims of the MEK are, including social freedoms, justice, an end to clerical rule, and universal suffrage, which are in line with the values prized by democratic republics. Support for them is echoed around the world and many politicians spoke in their favor during the summit.

This included former US secretary of homeland security Tom Ridge who made efforts to get the MEK removed from the US terrorism watch list, where they should never have been in the first place, in 2012.

He said: “I began every day, for several years, in the Oval Office alongside President George Bush is presented with a threat report. I never ever saw a reference to the MEK in any plot that threatened Americans or American interests.”


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Ridge said that there is bipartisan support for the MEK in the US, which is in support of Iranians, as well as the US states targeted by Iranian terrorism.

He said: “Recognizing the existence of both an internal and external opposition group that rejects terrorism and embraces principles like gender equality and, most importantly, a non-nuclear Iran seems to be in everyone’s best interest in the globe, not to mention regional states such as Saudi Arabia.”

The MEK has been routinely terrorized by the regime since the mullahs took power in 1979. The most egregious act of violence was when 30,000 MEK supporters were killed in 1988 in a massacre of political prisoners by the regime. Other attacks include assassinations, massacres, and the foiled bomb plot against the MEK’s Free Iran rally in Paris in 2018.

The MEK oppose the regime’s terrorism and funding of terrorist groups across the Middle East and the world.

Ridge said: “If an oppressive regime highlights an internal and external group as the enemy of the state, then there’s a pretty good justification to conclude that they’re fearful that their appeal is large.”

Of course, this, and the MEK’s growing support in Iran, is why the regime is paying attention to the MEK now and why the mullahs will continue to attack the group until the regime has fallen. After all, the MEK present a democratic alternative that both the people and the international community can get behind.