The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) documented the peaceful protests of hundreds of retirees and teachers in Tehran and Isfahan on Monday, August 26, before explaining that the repressive forces of the Regime, in a desperate attempt to quell protests, attacked and assaulted the demonstrators, before arresting several of them.

The Secretariat of the NCRI wrote: “The Iranian Resistance hailed the protesters, the teachers, the retirees and all those suffering under the oppression of the religious fascism ruling Iran. It called on the people and the youths to support the protesters. It also urged international human rights organizations, syndicates and unions across the world to condemn the ruling theocracy’s suppression of the protesters and to take urgent action to secure the release of those arrested.”

The protests

Hundreds of rightfully enraged retirees gathered outside the Labour Ministry in Tehran to stage a protest over low pensions, late payments, inflation, and high prices.

The retirees carried placards that read:

  • “They used Islam as a ladder [to enrich themselves], impoverished the people”
  • “Workers, teachers must not be jailed”
  • “Leave Syria alone, think of us”
  • “Jailed teachers must be freed”

They bravely held the protest in spite of the regime’s repressive measures, but plenty of protesters, particularly those taking pictures and videos, were detained.

While, over in Isfahan, central Iran, a large number of teachers and retirees gather near Enghelab (Revolution) Square to stage their own demonstration against the economic conditions that are leaving them in poverty.

The protesters carried placards that read:

  • “Livelihood, dignity, and health are our inalienable rights”
  • “We will not rest until we obtain our right”
  • “Raise teachers’ wage above the poverty line”
  • “Our enemy is right here, they lie when they say it’s America”
  • “Leave Syria alone, think of us”
  • “No theft, no humiliation, these are the nation’s chants”

The Iranian Regime is petrified of any protest by their people because of the chance that it could take hold and ignite the whole country, which would bring the mullahs down at the hands of their people, leading to a Free Iran.