Iran state media reports that holding music classes this summer in cultural centers and cultural complexes belonging to the municipality of Tehran is now prohibited.

These closures have been issued without any directive. Managers of cultural centers have been asked orally to shut down music classes. Following this decision, nearly 10,000 students will be deprived of music classes.

The state-run Etemad newspaper reported on Monday, June 9, that head of the Cultural and Artistic Department of Tehran MunicipalityShahabMoradi participated in the banning of music classes in cultural centers and orally asked the managers of these centers not to register the applicants for the summer semester training courses.

AbdolhosseinMokhtabad, singer and member of the  cultural commission of Tehran’s city council,describedmullah Moradi’s argument regarding the market downturn of the music schools an unreasonable excuse to justify the cancellation of music classes in cultural centers. He said:

 “There is no rational behind this action. This argument is like saying that for the boom in private schools, public schools should be closed.”