Mrs. Rajavi stated that all through the Persian year of 1392, laborers, students and other strata of fed up people took to protests, strikes, blocking roads and streets, or assembling in front of governmental institutions. The demonstrations and the uprising of the Bakhtiari compatriots in Khuzestan, 

Kohkilouyeh, Boyerahmad and Esfahan and the valiant uprising of the dervishes on the eve of the New Year, together with the movements and uprisings of the fire festival manifested the stormy rage and rebellion hidden in the depths of the Iranian society.

The President-elect of the Iranian Resistance emphasized that the regime of Velayat-e faqih left no stone unturned in testing as to how it can destroy the Resistance; and reciprocally there was no place or time where the Resistance, through its sacrifice and perseverance, had not heartened or lightened up the hopes of a nation yearning for freedom.

Mrs. Rajavi added that contrary to the wishes of the enemy that in its illusions wanted to destroy the Iranian Resistance through a massacre and crime against humanity in Ashraf, it was Ashraf that multiplied and the credibility and popularity of Ashraf and the Ashrafis and the whole of the Iranian resistance thrived.

On the one hand, the cruelty of the enemy in that great atrocity and on the other the sacrifice of the blood-drenched heroes and heroines moved Iran, the region and the world. It was bare for all to recognize those who are steadfast in their covenants for the cause of freedom and for all to note where is the beating heart of perseverance against the religious dictatorship and the antidote to fundamentalism. 

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said: The exceptional hunger strikes of the PMOI members in Camp Liberty and the supporters of the Resistance worldwide which lasted 108 days raised the praise of Iranians since they saw that when it comes to the cause of liberty, the sacrifice of members of this Resistance knows no bounds.

She noted that it was through this perseverance that the plans of Khamenei and its cohorts to dissolve and destroy the Resistance were folded and it was demonstrated that the movement of the Iranian Resistance is the principle adversary of the regime of Velayat-e faqih in any circumstance and situation. 

So much so that the leaders of this regime explicitly name PMOI as the threat and the opposition force against the regime in the world of Islam. They reiterate that all that has happened in terms of the sanctions and the deteriorating engagement of the international community with the regime is a consequence of PMOI’s achievements for the Resistance indicative of the phase of Velayat-e faqih’s downfall activities. 

They cry out to Europe and the United States that the issue of PMOI is one of the principle criterion in appraising the sincerity of Europe and the United States. 

They regard the PMOI as their red line and say that any country that welcomes them should await its consequences. They live in fear of a movement that inspires the women and the youth in the struggle for attaining freedom and equality. 

Moreover, by a great movement comprised of hundreds of associations and organizations composed of experts, graduates, and different professions that in the last two months we witnessed their gatherings,the  Resistance of the Iranian nation demonstrated to the whole world the expansion of the patriotic resistance for liberation from the religious dictatorship. 

The developments in the Persian year of 1392 support the fact that diagonally opposite to the steadfast Resistance, the poison of defeat has traversed the system of Velayat-e faqih: Khamenei was defeated in the sham presidential election. This was a defeat for the totality of the regime that can only preserve its balance in absolute contraction and ridding itself of any dualism within its system.

The regime failed in its nuclear program which was the largest and most expensive politico-strategic project of the system in the past 25 years and gave in to signing the Geneva accord.

The clerical regime failed in reigning in the situation in Iraq in favor of its puppet government and it now faces the uprising and resistance of the people of this country.

The clerical regime failed in overcoming the disintegration of country’s economy that has crushed the Regime.

Recently, the Commander of the Revolutionary Guards stated: “Our country is in crisis and we face crisis. Rafsanjani said: “We have lost our fundamental resources.” And the mullahs’ Foreign Minister says: the regime’s strategic resources have been depleted. 

The steadfastness of the Iranian people’s Resistance, the consecutive setbacks of the regime, and a society poised for radical change, is indicative of the final phase of the regime of Velayat-e faqih.

The message given by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi on the occasion of The Persian year of 1392, is so clear a signal of eye openers against the foul and inhuman activities of Mullah’ Regime in Iran as to how they are being defeated on all fronts by the Iranian Resistance and its followers.

GBA, social NGO from India, congratulates Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of Resistance of Iran and also the Iranian people, on the auspicious occasion of the Persian Year of 1392, and wish her noble and dynamic personality to serve the biggest cause of the Iranian people to get them the real freedom which they wish and for which she has been serving the cause for a long time.

Dr. Raj Baldev- March 22, 2014