While on April 19th, Mullah Allavi, the criminal Minister of Intelligence in the Iranian regime, said that he would issue a statement on the Evin Prison raid, the mullahs’ judicial minister Mostafa Pour Mohammadi on Sunday said only one or two inmates were slightly hurt.

“Initial investigations have been carried out in this regard and this report shows the published news was not correct and it was only an ordinary inspection of the wards…” he said, adding, “Inspections have shown a number of banned items have been found in the ward. In two rooms there was resistance, but of course there were no serious clashes, and nothing but one or two inmates being slightly hurt and they recovered with first-aid being provided.” (Mehr news agency associated to the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, 20 April 2014)

Pour Mohammadi, one of the officials behind the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners back in 1988, went on to justify denying meetings for the prisoners and said the inmates’ families had requested an urgent visit but nothing has taken place for them to request for urgent visits.

On the other hand, Iranian MP Mottahari on Sunday, following the rally of the inmates’ families outside the regime’s Majlis (parliament), made some remarks aiming to relieve the Ministry of Intelligence from accountability. “I believe these clashes took place in two scenarios; either it was a miscalculation, or there may be people who are seeking to cause problems for the new government. Other than that, I doubt anyone supporting the country and government would carry out such measures,” he said. “They thought the Ministry of Intelligence was not aware of this issue. Unfortunately, some people don’t listen to the state’s advice and cause domestic and foreign problems for the country.”

In the meantime, Aladdin Borujerdi, head of the Majlis Security Commission and a close Khamenei confidant, summoned Gholam Hossein Ismaeeli, head of the regime’s Prisons Organization, to brief the Majlis members.

Ismaeeli admitted that this vicious attack took place in fear of the regime being condemned internationally, including the European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in Iran, and to stop the inmates’ revelations on the regime’s crimes in the prisons. 

“I believe after the European Union statement, those inside the country who have sold themselves to the enemy are aiming to bring international public opinion to believe their lies and join their voice in this regard. However, the measures taken by our colleagues were all carefully calculated,” he said. “This time the measures taken by the Prisons Organization… was much more successful than previous measures; because more links between the inmates were cut, although it has yet to be brought to zero. This was very hard for them that we actually carried out such actions.” (Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the terrorist Quds Force, 20 April 2014)

“The Prisons Organization team inspected Evin Prison on Thursday according to schedule…the inmates of two rooms were not willing to come out and most of them were members of the discords and sedition…and they began resisting and using foul language against the inspection team… the inspection team that consisted of individuals other than the current prison employees, forced these individuals out of the rooms,” he added. (IRNA news agency, 20 April 2014)

Isameeli completely denied a number of prisoners were wounded and said, “In this inspection no cases of injuries or clashes were seen and no individual has been transferred to a hospital… the enemies of the state, many being inside the prisons, sought to spread rumors of this issue and politically exploit the matter… and by bloating the issue, and spreading rumors and lies they sought to create a new turmoil against the state.” (Majlis website, 20 April 2014) In the meantime, he threatened the prisoners by saying, “On rumors spread by various prisoners, the Prisons Organization has lodged a file and referred it to judicial officials”.

Naghavi Hosseini, speaker of regime’s parliament National Security Commission, said: “In my opinion, these prisoners staged this resistance because the elements of Zionism, Monafeqin and the seditionist are raising uproar against Iran in the world. So they wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to create a tumult and tension for the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the families claim that some people have been killed, a few have lost their arms, and a few have had their heads cut off.”

Kouchakzadeh, another member of mullahs’ parliament said that these allegations are ridiculous and that someone has been beaten in prison is a lie… If someone insults me, I will show a rash reaction. It is the same in prison. If someone says something to a prison guard, there may be a scuffle!”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

April 20, 2014