Of course, the truth is that the MEK is very popular amongst the Iranian people – it always has been – but it is easier to see the support for them online where likes, followers, and shares are easily recorded. 

Recently, this has spooked regime officials and they have been voicing their concerns about their certain overthrow by the MEK. 

Indeed, Abbas Ali Moghithi, the representative of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Nahavandsuggested that the overthrow could come via the internet because the MEK uses it to expose the regimes lies. 

He said: “Today, the weapon that can eliminate our state is keyboard and Internet, which are in the domination of [MEK] members. They spread news against us, one after another.” 

While the Friday prayer leader in Isfahan Province, Yousef Tabatabai Nejad, was also frightened about the MEK’ability to spread information to Iranians over social media, something that would weaken the regime’s hold over the people. (Freedom of expression is essential to a functioning democracy.) 

Nejad said: “Some people have ruined the reputation of clergy on the internet and social media. These measures are conducted by some [MEK] channels and platformsThey are intending to wage a soft war to make the people pessimistic about the clergy and changed their minds against us. We must do something against such measures.”  

Please note that Friday prayer leaders are the mouthpieces of Khamenei. 

Even the state-run news agency Tehran Press wrote about the MEK’s use of Telegram to inform the people and how the regime has been defeated by them on social media. 

They wrote: Now we can say undoubtedly that [the MEK] is dominating the Telegram messenger platform. We can dare say that the [MEK], is in control of the Telegram platform. For those who should be familiar with this organization’s tactics, these remarks are not exaggerations at all and are in fact a reflection of our status quo.” 

The piece continued with quotes about the push for toppling the regime being very active on social media, most heavily influenced by the MEK.

They wrote: This is the mysterious and low-profile ruling state that continues to be active even in the homes of our senior officials. These days we are witnessing how the children of these loyal individuals and insiders are literally drowned in cyberspace platforms heavily influenced by the [MEK] and are not aware of this reality.” 

It is clear that the regime is scared of the MEK and so they should be. The regime has spent four decades using propaganda and censorship to maintain control, but the MEK is bypassing the regime to bring the truth to the people and the mullahs have no way to stop them. 

This will bring the overthrow of the regime, sooner rather than later. 


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