Whether or not Giuliani did this is not really the issue. It’s more that Benjamin decided to side with an oppressive, theocratic regime in order to score political points against the Republican politician.

The Organisation of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC) wrote a statement criticising Benjamin’s comments.

It read: “What we, members of Iranian-American Communities, are astounded by is the depth of depravity that he and his ilk will sink to in defending their ill—gotten infamy for impeding the Iranian people’s struggles for genuine democracy by effectively aiding and abetting the sectarian Islamic theocratic despots in Iran.”

Whilst Benjamin was in the State Department, his bureau was criticised by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for their hostility towards the MEK and refusal to assess that the Iranian Regime was the true centre for terrorism.

In fact, when Benjamin dared to say that the MEK were “creepily” dedicated to the freedom of their people, he woefully misjudged the Resistance and the Regime they oppose.

The Iranian Regime took advantage of one revolution designed to depose a harsh regime, to implement their own, they have the highest execution rate per capita in the world and they consistently meddle in the affairs of other sovereign nations including US allies.

The Resistance merely want to bring democracy and human rights to their country.

The OIAC finished their statement by telling Benjamin that by his unwarranted criticism of the MEK, he is opposing the will of the Iranian people, supporting a despotic regime and standing on the wrong side of history.